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Welcome To Kaizen Wellness

Hello, it’s so nice to meet you. My name is Karla and I run this little wellness empire with my wonderful husband Jacque.

We’re CRAZY about people. And when people are fit, healthy and happy – everyone benefits.

After more than a thousand transformations since we started in 2011, including our own personal transformations, we know that significant, lasting and meaningful healthy changes in the lives of individuals have a significant ripple effect on the wellness of the world.

We are very fortunate to have been apart of some of the world’s most awesome natural body transformations. You can sneak a peek at them here.

We use fitness and healthy living as a platform to reconnect you to wellness in every area that’s important to you. Our business has grown from online training to world class body transformations.

And now to wellness events, week long fat-loss retreats and a corporate wellness services division. We’ve even been fortunate enough to branch out into nutrition supplements and fitness apparel.

But it all started with the desire to serve & develop the individual’s wellbeing.

Small habits add up to mind-blowing and spectacular transformative results. And anyone can start right now to build those small habit, where they are and with what they have.

The point of this site is to show you that extreme levels of discipline and sacrifice are NOT the only way that you can improve your health & wellbeing beyond your wildest dreams. In fact, extreme approaches are what cause so many people to fail.

I know that when I was stuck in the diet loop I would double down on the most extreme diet I could find and then by 3pm I would be done and that would be the way I’d spent every Monday of my life back then.

Whether you think you want to be leaner, fitter or stronger is irrelevant – because the real happiness & fulfilment lies in recognising your own growth along the way to your goals.

On this site you’ll find practical resources to make living well – simple, meaningful and fun! We want to help you to eat a little better, think a little better, move a little better, sleep a little better, and de-stress a little better so that you can look and feel amazing while you live your life.

The Kaizen Wellness Philosophy

Take Responsibility For Yourself

Our top priority at Kaizen Wellness is to empower you with practical skills that will get you results. But to learn and develop those skills is your responsibility. We can show you how, but you have to do the work. Without responsibility as a foundation you will find that NOTHING will ever really work for you and when you blame others, you give up your power to change. And so the results you get on this program will be the results you give yourself by following our blueprint & guidance.

Be Resilient & Patient

It is going to take a long time to build the body that you love and in that time you will face many challenges. Yes you can make a lot of progress in 8 or 12 weeks but it won’t happen over night and it won’t be smooth sailing all the time. Know that changing your lifestyle is a long game and settle down to do the work. The things that are hard when you start out are the things you will grow to appreciate with time.

Make Growth Your Focus

Kaizen this wellness journey you’re on by focusing on making manageable, consistent and deliberate positive changes. Keep your eye out for how you can be a little better today than you were yesterday. Don’t compare yourself to others, your journey is yours alone and you will find that is a lot simpler and more rewarding when you focus on your own growth instead of the person’s next to you.

Enjoy The Journey

Being healthy is not nearly such a big, complicated and traumatising ordeal as we have been led to believe. Every couch potato who has ever embraced fitness discovered to their amazement and delight that moving your body feels great. Eating healthy actually tastes amazing and when you start nourishing your body regularly you’ll start craving healthy food. Take the time to be present because the things that are difficult today will allow you to feel empowered when you conquer them tomorrow.

What You’ll Find At Kaizen Wellness

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