Better Wellness Starts With…

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Spring is in full swing, which means that summer will be here before we know it. And of course you’ll be ready to finally show off your summer body that you’ve been working on tirelessly to achieve all year.

The beach and that sexy swimsuit is calling your name and you’re going to wear the hell out of it all summer long with confidence and pride.

Right? No?

That’s because likely
none of this is true.

Somehow summer creeps up on you every single year and you still haven’t achieved the body goals you’ve set six years ago.

You might have zoned out and forgotten, life can get pretty busy after all… or you maybe you’ve been working tirelessly jumping from one diet or workout fad to the next only to end up slightly heavier, with even less energy to do the things you want to do, after all this time.

And before you know it summer WILL be here again and you’ll have to do that extreme calorie-restrictive diet for one week or 21 days hoping that you will magically lose that 9 kilos you’ve been
trying to lose forever.

Because that’s what the media tell you is realistic and possible… But you’ll only lose 3 of the nine kilos and you’ll only keep them off for one week before they jump back on with a vengeance.


Honestly, it’s time to get serious. There are things that work and there are things that don’t work.

And the only way to figure out which is which is to use your own noggin and get informed instead or trusting the guy in Dischem or the receptionist at the nail salon or even your personal trainer.

ANYTHING that promises you results WITHOUT also making CHANGES to the way that you eat and move is a scam.

ANYTHING that makes you do CRAZY & UNSUSTAINABLE things like drinking 10 liters of water a day, eating only 600 calories per 24 hours or cutting out entire nutrient groups is a scam.

The current way that you eat and move is the biggest contributor to the way you look and feel right now. Yes, genetics play a role but it’s a small role compared to the proper you have over your lifestyle choices.

That’s where you have to make a changes first.

And You’re The Only One
Who Can Make Those Changes

I’m telling you this because I care. I’m telling you this because you’re wellbeing & results are a priority for me – even though we’ve never met.

I’m telling you this because your health and wellbeing should be YOUR number one priority even though lots of people put themselves last.

And you need to put your health and wellbeing before family, before work, and before any other responsibility – because it affects ever single other priority in your life and the quality of the effort you can put towards those responsibilities.

You simply cannot afford to neglect these things.

And you will not believe how much of your life’s quality you are stealing from yourself every day by choosing NOT to take your physical wellbeing into your own hands.

  • Lack of energy.
  • Feeling sad, tired or depressed.
  • Disliking what you see in the mirror.
  • Not doing things you want to do because you feel ashamed of how you look.
  • Feeling weak, insecure and lacking self esteem.

You have no idea the connections, opportunities and experiences you might be missing out on because you’re holding yourself back.

Things like negative thoughts and feelings, lack of energy and general tiredness are going to negatively affect the quality of the energy you bring to the world.

The Power Is In Your Hands

If you start today you could be feeling so much better by this time next week. And you won’t even recognise your life by the end of month 3.

It’s going take hard work, but that hard work can be managed so that it doesn’t have to consume your entire life.

You can start with changes so small that you don’t even realise you’re changing or you can throw yourself into the deep end with one of our 12 week transformation programs.

Whatever your fitness level or skill level is right now is the perfect place to start improving your health, fitness and wellbeing.

You can do it TODAY.

Yes some of it will be challenging, and yes some of it will require hard work… but you’ll also realise that most of it will be rewarding and fun.

And as you start doing these things, these thing that right now you might believe to be too hard, you will discover that you like doing hard things. We’re not meant to feel weak, unhappy and lazy. We enjoy learning how to do hard things really well and growing from challenges and overcoming obstacles.

That’s why body transformations are so inspiring.

The journey a person goes through in order to dramatically change the way that they look and feel for the better – can’t be faked. You have to dig deep, you have to prove to yourself that you are someone that you can always count on. You have to demonstrate that you are capable of so much more than you ever thought you were.

Yes being the person in the “after” photo is awesome. But overcoming challenges and becoming a stronger, more confident and more capable version of the person we use to be, that is what makes body transformations truly remarkable.

Stop Saying No To Yourself
And Start Saying YES!

Having more life starts with deciding to say YES to the life you really want. Having your dream body starts with saying YES to higher standards for yourself and expecting a little more from yourself.

Say YES to moving your body instead of sitting on the couch.

Say YES to fruits & vegetables instead of processed foods.

Say YES to things that make you feel healthy & vibrant & happy.

Say YES to all the things that will make the BIGGEST difference to the quality of your life.

How are you going to say YES to your health and happiness today? Let me know in the comments below.