Try This Simple Trick To Break Free From Your Unhealthy Lifestyle

by | Aug 31, 2016 | 0 comments

When it comes to living a happy, healthy & active lifestyle most people struggle with one of two things (sometimes both). Either they can’t find a way to make training part of their day to day schedule or they can’t get eating healthy down.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I’ll try again on Monday…”

Restarting, rebooting, trying again it doesn’t matter what you call it, if you see each time you try to be a little more healthy as a separate effort – you’re more likely to stay trapped in a loop of failing and starting over again.

“Restarting” after a setback then becomes a daunting task that you have to put it off for a later date when it will be easier.

Stop Restarting

People are always looking for reboots and kickstarts but the truth is your nutrition and training habits will evolve over time. It’s natural. And improving your eating habits and training is a lifelong process, not an overnight makeover.

We tend to look for makeovers because we want instant results but instant results don’t exist in the realm of health and fitness. They are earned over time through consistency and practice.

And when you’re practicing consistency it’s important to remember is that eventually you’ll miss a workout or give in to temptation. It doesn’t make you “weak” or “bad” it makes you human.

What matters, if you’re in this for the long haul, is what you do AFTER you fail.

You want to keep moving forward after a setback instead of viewing it as a do over. If you feel the need to restart every time you fail, you haven’t fully embraced your new way of living yet or you haven’t let go of your older habits.

With a few simple tweaks you’ll be able to put the “do-over” mentality behind you once and for all. Here they are.

1. Take Responsibility

It happened, and even though no one is immune to setbacks, you need to accept that it is all your fault. Take all the blame. Don’t blame circumstances, the weather or your spouse.

You cannot blame anyone or anything else for your actions. You cannot depend on someone else for motivation and accountability.

Once you take ownership of your failure you can be better prepared for the next time you face this challenge, but when you blame something else you take away your power to learn and grow.

2. Take Stock

What was the problem? Why did you fail? What have I learned from it? Now that I know all this, what would I do differently next time?

Knowing why you failed will help you prepare to overcome this challenge next time. You’ll find that most challenges can be resolved with proper planning and good daily habits.

Sure there will be times when you have no control over a situation but these things happen once in a while, having no control regularly is the result of lack of planning.

3. Keep Moving Forward

Focus on the tiny daily changes that you can make or things that you can do better.  Like adding a portion of vegetables to your meals. Drinking a couple of extra glasses of water. Getting to bed 15 minutes earlier if you’re feeling sleep deprived.

The problem for most people is not having a craving and then giving in once. It’s having the craving, giving in and then discounting the rest of the day, or week or month as wasted. You need to move away from the “I’ll try again on Monday” mentality to “I can do better now”.

For example: If you’re craving a cookie, have a cookie. Eat it slowly and savour it. Then move on. Don’t inhale the entire box and then feel so bad that you punish yourself by eating junk the rest of the day.

Get back on track as quickly as possible after you miss a workout or cheat on your diet. Eat a salad at your next meal, or snack on a piece of fruit, or do a quick workout at home. Whatever you need to wipe the slate clean so that you can keep moving forward.

You’ll be surprised to discover how much less frequent your training & nutrition mishaps become once you move away form the mentality of “starting over”.

Did you fall of the wagon today? What can you do next to get right back on track? Let me know in the comments below.