Are You Still Trying To Lose Weight? Read This Now.

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Look, it’s time to kill your obsession with the scale once and for all. It’s important because caring what you weigh is keeping you from getting the results you want.

Recently, there’s been an obvious shift in the fitness industry as more and more trainers and coaches catch on to what we’ve know for years, when it comes to epic body transformations, boundless energy and peak performance, you want to focus on fat loss not weight loss.

It still boggles my mind that 9 out of every 10 prospective clients lists “weigh less” as one of their goals.

Even though we should know better, weight loss STILL trumps fat loss in most people’s vocabulary.

“Let me just change my body’s relative mass
relationship to gravity and my life will be better.”

The scale does NOT measure health.
Or Happiness.
Or Confidence.
Of how much fulfillment you’re getting from your body.

The scale does NOT measure a human’s worth.

It doesn’t measure if you can use your body the way you want to. (Touch your toes, carry your child or run a race)

Or if you have the sustained energy to make the most of your days.

Given that we specialise in body transformations at Kaizen Wellness, you’re probably wondering why I’m against weight loss.

I’m not.

If your only goal in life is to make your body reach a certain number on the scale and that’s where you feel your happiest and most fulfilled, then power to you.

BUT my problem is that many people don’t know what losing weight really means and they honestly don’t understand what will happen to their bodies when they follow one of these quick weight loss strategies.

Which results do you want?


So which is it? Do you want to weigh less or do you want to lose fat?

If you want a body like the man or woman in weight-loss photos, then stop reading, never come here again and keep googling “quick weight-loss secrets”. Because I can’t help you.

But it you prefer the fat-loss option then…

Here’s the problem!!

Weight loss is NOT the best strategy to follow if you want to lose fat. You want to follow a strategy that’s focused on getting rid of fat while preserving or boosting your lean muscle mass.


Strategic Fat-loss Focuses On:

  • Optimising fat-loss
  • Improve lean body mass with proper nutrition (includes all macro nutrients)
  • Adequate hydration
  • Improved strength & fitness

Quick Weight-loss Focuses On:

  • Optimising weight loss (losses are mostly water with a mix of fat loss and also losses in lean body mass)
  • Losing lean body mass often by eliminating food groups
  • Dehydration
  • Strength & fitness is not applicable

You’ve probably lost a lot of weight before and you still weren’t happy with the way you looked. This is why you weren’t happy. You focused on what the scale said instead of optimising your body fat to lean muscle mass ratio.

Being smaller and weighing less does not automatically result in you looking and feeling great. You also want to improve your muscle tone, skin quality and elasticity and your energy levels.

Forget the things that promise you 10 kilos is 7 days.

A quick fix today will cost you
your quality of life tomorrow.

The only short cut is following the right strategy today.

Because doing what it takes today is also what teaches you the skill level you need to keep your results tomorrow.

Know what you want and follow a plan that will get you there. Your goal is going to tell you exactly what you need to focus on. It is the compass that points you in the direction you want to go.

You cannot get fat-loss results by following a weight-loss strategy. Just like you cannot get weight-loss results by following a fat-loss strategy.

Your intent or goal tells you exactly what you will have to do to reach it.

Here at Kaizen Wellness,
we specialise in fat-loss.

That’s all we care about.

But we also do it in a way that’s good, healthy and maintainable because we don’t chase great bodies at the expense of feeling great.

We spend a lot of time focused on the fundamentals of good nutrition & training practices.

Because the #1 thing that makes having killer body awesome is the fact that you get to enjoy it.

There is no point in having a hot body unless it improves the quality of your life and brings you extreme pleasure.

There are tons of awesome coaches who will help you if you want to focus on weight-loss, power lifting, endurance racing or standing on stage – if that’s what you want.

But that’s not what we do.

This is what we do at Kaizen Wellness


This is what we’re exceptional at. And we focus on getting rapid result (in just 8 to 12 weeks) because who wants to work for 6 months on a body that doesn’t have to take 6 months?

Along the way we teach you the habits, mindset, skills and tools you need to maintain this body while also living a lifestyle that you enjoy.

I drink wine, I eat carbs and
I have a six-pack year round.

My transformers are regular people (doctors, secretaries, entrepreneurs, musicians, restaurateurs, actuaries, attorneys, and house wives) who all took the chance to set an extraordinary goal.

If you want to look & feel amazing like the men and women pictured above and you want to get extreme joy & fulfilment from your body then I can show you how.

So get in touch today.

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