Are You Changing Your Life Or Just Following Another Fad Diet Doomed To Fail?

by | Aug 1, 2016 | 0 comments

There’s a common misconception that fad diets don’t work. That’s actually not the case. Many diets & training programs work really well, cause they are designed to get you weight-loss results fast.

The real issue we should address is the fact that they are harmful to our wellbeing. Yes. Fad diets aren’t good for us regardless of the temporary results they offer.

Twice a day training sessions, drinking 13 litres of water a day, getting your fat frozen, cutting out carbs or fats and being injected with corrosive chemicals are just a few of the fads my most recent clients tried out before they signed up for our 12 week transformation system.

The strict measures it takes to get the weight off quickly is not good for our health and these measures aren’t sustainable long term.

So once you stop following the fad, you go back to the lifestyle you had before you started the fad.

And that’s really the thing that got you into trouble in the first place. But how do you know if you’re doing a fad diet and how do you know if you’ve really changed your lifestyle for the better?

Here are some of the differences between CHASING fads and BEING healthy and active.

Fad Diet:

  • The program is complicated and counter-intuitive.
  • The longer you follow the plan, the harder it becomes to follow the plan.
  • You don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re just following orders.
  • You feel deprived. You’re less confident and social. You have less energy. You feel unhappy and frustrated when you are alone.
  • Your day depends on what the scale says.
  • Even though this diet is not over yet, you’re already researching the next diet.
  • Towards the end of the week you force yourself through most workouts & meals, and you live from cheat meal to cheat meal.
  • You cheat weekly, if not daily.
  • You cannot wait for this to be over.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle:

  • The process is simple, logical and intuitive.
  • The longer you follow the plan, the easier it gets to follow the plan.
  • You’re learning what works for you body and what doesn’t. You’re growing a deeper connection and trust with your body.
  • You have more. More confidence. More energy. More strength. More endurance. More positivity. More focus. More joy. More life.
  • Your day depends on you and what you think about yourself.
  • You’ve stopped reading about the “next best thing”. You can spot a click-bait headline about exercise and nutrition and you don’t fall for them anymore.
  • You genuinely enjoy your meals and workouts most of the time. Sure you have “off” days but you know that’s part of being human.
  • You rarely cheat.
  • You can see yourself doing this long term.

When you decide to change your lifestyle so that you can thrive you have your own best interest at heart. It is your health, happiness and wellbeing that matters more than anything else.

Many fit and healthy people are divided by their opinions on eating and training. We have this need for “our way” to be the only way.

But there are a thousand ways to eat healthy and to be more active. And most of these ways will actually work for the large majority of people who want to take better care of themselves.

Even though we might be divided on what’s the “best” way to be fit and healthy, we’re not divided on is the mindset that goes with changing your life for the better.

When You Make Your Own Wellness A Priority Regularly

  • You feel grateful for the journey so far and proud of where you are today.
  • You feel that your opinion about how you look and feel and what you do is the only one that really matters.
  • You feel motivated to just be yourself a little more every day and to discover what you’re capable of.
  • You feel capable and confident about things that use to freak you out. You like how you handle obstacles and challenges without going into a negative spiral.
  • You’re willing to praise yourself when you’re giving your all and you’re kind and forgiving when you do slip up a little. You know there’s no such thing as being 100% committed or disciplined all year long.
  • You feel positive about your body and the life you’re living and you’re excited about tomorrow.

How does your lifestyle make you feel? Have you made your own wellness a priority? Let me know in the comments below.