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Total Wellness Seminar

Pretoria | March, 2017

Revitalise and transform your physical body, energy and vitality by learning strategies to create lasting change in your health & wellbeing. Once you begin to make changes to your lifestyle you can harness your new found energy to create an extraordinary quality of life. Anyone can experience a life of phenomenal health, vibrancy & vitality if they are willing to address a few key lifestyle factors.

Outdoor Bootcamps

Hartbeespoort | 28 January

Come and experience the most intense workout of your life. Our signature workouts include a potent combination of strength training and max HIIT to help you burn a ton of calories. You’ll have to really dig deep and push yourself to get through these sessions. Excellent for fat-loss, fitness & stress relief.

Level Up Your Lifestyle Retreat

Coming Soon!

Immerse yourself into the training experience of a lifetime as you join the Kaizen team for an intense week of bootcamp training, functional exercise demos, cooking workshops and education on nutrition, exercise, injury prevention and stress management. Develop a clear target of what you want for your health & wellbeing and learn a step-by-step process for modelling the best strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs and put you on the path to get leaner, fitter and stronger than you’ve ever been.